boondocks season 3

Boondocks season 3 is back for y’all.Obama is president,and what does he freeman family have to say……or maybe uncle ruckus,no relations is rather……stinkmeaner is back,but this time its just grandpa dreaming…….mardukes is onto grandpa……thugnificent quits music for a JOB(delivery guy)….riley is fundraiser,making money,selling candy….grand dad smokes weed,discover the secret behind it……chicken wings cause riot in the city.Chicken flu….chicken promo goes nasty…..just get yourself some episodes….too bad it might be the last season


need to account for the kinda life i pursue.Recently i was forced into self rehabilitation. Had to re-evaluate the kinda stuff i do. Am not a suicidal guy, if you thinking so, but rather the scared one. The reason i self -rehabbed was because of my high life. High life,i mean trading you soul to the bottle and the grass. If you met me,you could think i was Biggie’s(RIP) son. All up in the air, tots of weed, cigarillos, shots of tequila, beers allover the place. Of course i wasn’t alone on this, always move with back-up drunks.Some to carry me back home,which never happens,but always stand by my side,like i them.When am not in the bar,i find myself at the hostel canteen sipping on pints of local vodka with a stick in my mouth.Loosing weight by the day and gain heights by the night, that’s how i was rolling.

so i hit rehab 4 atleast 2 months….see how sober feels.Its just the most pathetic thing i’ve done but i don’t have no choice.

kEG nITe

it all started as a normal drink up until the room tuned into a bar with a theme nite.

one drink to another,……..later it trned to gallons ….then drum……before u know it….

we were driking like crazy……..morning,lunch break,evening………then sundays…….

ohh wat a nite that was………….

it was lege……wait 4 it…..wait…wait……..ndary

wat happens at the beach……………….is burried in the sand but lives on in the water

who ever said architects cant have fun,………….this was off the drawing board iinto the water.We dont do like they all do it,this is wat went dowN.Boys ate sand wit fish n  gals got burried alive.Nothing lykk building sand castle,beach soccer,volley ball,nooo.we even bptised people into the arch fraternity.seeing is believing so have some drawings

and details too.

Red chilli backpacker’s hostel

the concept behind this project is leaf venation.I chose it in relation to site that has plenty of i used the concept to generate my program was in such a way that the arrangement on the leaf was to create a network for my services that were to rech the cottages.The design of my cottages was inspired by a leaf cell.its arranged in such a way that the top surface receives sunlight and the bottom receives air.This was mimiced in a way that my bedrooms faced the morning ssun while the lounge faced the wind direction.

design student’s pavillion

Thisis a space for students’ project and a source of inspiration for the aspring architects.My job was to create something that relates to what the student of architecture go through in their everyday life as they tackle design obstacles.It from this that i decided to used a concept of struggle.I achieved this using vertical linear elemnts that appearedto be fighting each other.This concept was enhanced by my

steep site and its forces.

kindergarten project

space,form,order,scale mattered to me as i created this machine for the kids.In this project i described the character of  as intimate.I didnt want to create overwhelmin spaces and a form that would oppress them plus the sense of freedom had to be inserted into it.In this way am creating an object them to play wih as they learn from their environment.dsc01572